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Vision, Mission & Values Statement
TEC10-9 – NANOTECHNOLOGY – Inspiring & Technologically advanced products for a changing world.

TEC10-9 is dedicated to promoting world class quality products & expertise to assist in changing our way of living and revealing to the global market, the extraordinary, useful and functional features of nanotechnology products.

To be a major contributor in making our world a cleaner and better place to live in whilst promoting technologically advanced products with the assistance of NANOTECHNOLOGY. We are dedicated to providing products which are Environmentally Friendly, assist in Reducing CO2 Emissions, Energy Efficient and which allow you to live better, whilst providing you with personal comfort.

We are committed to developing and providing strong business relations with our customers globally, including technical institutions specialising in Nanotechnology programs, whilst continually investing in Research & Development to provide superior quality products. We set high standards of excellence for the products we produce and commercialise along with the dedicated personnel that represent our organisation. Our team is extremely passionate and motivated, with the key driver & focus being providing excellent customer service, quality awareness and cooperation along with a strong ethical code of conduct.
Commitment to “making a difference”.
About us
TEC10-9, a division of MJGOLD S.A. is a Swiss based company specialising in the production and distribution of nanotechnological advanced products.
Switzerland has been at the forefront of the nanotechnology development curve, contributing enormously to the field through inventions such as the Atomic Force Microscope, the Scanning Tunneling Microscope and many other groundbreaking discoveries like high temperature superconductors.
Today, nanotechnology is one of Switzerland’s model industries with some of the most important research institutes in the world situated in various parts of Switzerland.

The company is therefore located in a country with easy access to this leading edge and futuristic technology. TEC10-9 has partnered with some of the world’s leading producers of nanotechnological advanced products in order to provide exclusive and leading edge products to the world markets.

Our partners and chemical engineers have a solid background and experience in developing technically enhanced and advanced products with the use of nanotechnology. We you will be surprised with the results and with our technology.

TEC10-9 offers a wide range of products to protect all surfaces using nanotechnology. The unique surface protection created by our products on extenal surfaces provide a long lasting protection on a chemical nanotechnological basis. Our organisation also specialises in the research & development for studying special products and solutions in order to assist our customers in resolving their specific problems.
The products cover a wide range of applications, from Construction, Industry, Sport, Clothing, Automotive, Boating & Shipping, etc; Our products are suitable for both private and professional use. All of our products are easy to use and have a long, stable and consistent application life.
What does Nanotechnology mean?
Nanotechnology is a catch all term for the science of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale, giving rise to structures whose size is in the order of magnitude of a nanometer.
As detailed by the National Nanotechnology Initiative, it is the manipulation of matter with atleast one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. One nanometer is the unit of measure of distance used corresponding to 10-9 meters.

1nm=0,000.000.001/mtr (1nm=1 billionth of a meter)
(1nm=1 millionth of a millimeter)

When materials are manipulated at the nanoscale, they can take on unique properties not realized at larger scales, such as silver taking on anti-microbial properties, or materials that have the dual ability to reduce heat conduction and repel water.
Nanotechnology opens up possibilities to create materials with new and multiple functions that can impact sustainability, medicine, electronics, and in our case the age old issues of corrosion and corrosion under insulation.

Nanotechnologies enable radical solutions in the production of materials, components and systems that are smaller, lighter, faster and more effective.

Our Divisions

Thermal Insulation

Materials developed from aerospace technology and for extreme temperatures. All our products are environmentally & eco friendly, natural, non polluting & resistant

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Hydrophobic & Special Coatings

Active Nano Particles – "Lotus Effect"
A range of nano technologically advanced products developed for the treatment and protection of various surfaces

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A range of anti friction products developed to improve and increase performance.

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Advanced Technology

Leading edge technology in developing innovative and unique products via research and development.

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